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Sandwich elements in the structural enigneering

Jungbluth, O. Sandwich elements in the structural enigneering. Sandwich tragewerke im konstruktiven Ingenieurbau

Reprint from the final report of the working commission, sandwich sheet supporting structures

Jungbluth, O. International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, 1968

Reports of the working commissions, on mass-produced steel structures

Beer, H. International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, 1971

Reprint of the introductory report of the working commission, on mass produced steel structures

Jungbluth, O.; Pegels, G.; Zwanzig, W. International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, 1971

Long – span sandwich shells in composite method steel sheet – polyurethane foam

Jundbluth, O. Published by the secretariat of IABSE in Zürich (1972)

Numerical methods for the design of sandwich elements

Schwarze, K. Stahlbau 12 / 1984

Load Bearing Strength of Sandwich Panel Walls with Window Openings

Höglund, T. International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) Colloquium, Stockholm 1986

Elastic bond – an approximate solution and its application

Wölfel, E. Stahlbau (6), 1987

Compression load bearing capacity of the flexible facing of a sandwich panel

Kech, J. Stahlbau (60), 1991, Heft 7

Diaphragma Action of Sandwich Panels

Ladwein Stahlbau (62), 1993, Heft 11

Intermediate support area of sandwich panels for multi – span girder systems

Schulz, U. Stahlbau (62), 1993, Heft 10

Practical checks at ultimate and serviceability limit state of sandwich panels

Klaus Berner Stahlbau 67, 1998, Heft 12

Examination of structural engineering documents for roofing out of sandwich panels

Buchholz, E Der Prüfingenieur, 1999

Modeling of lightweight sandwich shear diaphragms for dynamic analyses

De Matteis, G., Landolfo, R. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 53 (2000) 33-61

"Styrofoam" and "Styrodur" Expanded and extruded polystyrene rigid foam

Beck, A. (2001) Bautechnik DAB 4/01

Investigation of the wrinkling behavior of sandwich panels with flat or profiled facing

Ewert, T.; Banke, F.; Schulz, U.; Wolters, M. Stahlbau 70 (2001), Heft 7

Sandwich construction and design

Koschade, R. DAB Bautechnik, 6/01

Sandwich construction and design- sandwich construction as a symbiosis of design, technique, economics and ecology – an alternative for architects, part 1

Koschade, R. DAB Bautechnik, 5/01

Economic and safe building of cold stores with sandwich elements

Podleschny, R. IFBS 2/01, 16. Jahrgang

Temperature as a load scheme for sandwich panels

Wiegmann, R. Industrieverband zur Förderung des Bauens mit Stahlblech, 2/02, 17. Jahrgang

Investigation of the wrinkling behavior of imperfect sandwich panels

Wolters, M.; Banke, F.; Ewert, E.; Schulz, U. Stahlbau 71 (2002), Heft 4

Optimization of sandwich beams

Timár, I.; Horváth, P.; Borbély, T. Stahlbau 72, Heft 2, 2003

Steel sandwich panels with rock wool core

Podleschny, R IFBS Industrieverband für Bausysteme im Stahlleichtbau, 1/04 18. Jahrgang

Calculation of bearing-out sandwich panels

Wiegmann, R. (2004) IFBS Industrieverband für Bausysteme im Stahlleichtbau, 2/04 19. Jahrgang

Lightweight girders made of sandwich elements for reconstruction purposes – experimental investigations

Peil, U.; Ruff, D. Bauingenier, Band 81, Februar 2006

EPAQ European quality assurance of sandwich panels

Wiegmann, R. Industrieverband für Bausysteme im Metallleichtbau, 21. Jahrgang 1/06

Investigation of the torsional restraint of sandwich panels against lateral torsional buckling of beams

Markus Dürr, Ralf Podleschny, Helmut Saal, DOI: 10.1002/stab.200710043

Lightweight girder for use in building renovation an reconstruction

Peil, U.; Ruff, D. VDI Berichte Nr. 1970, 2007

Sandwich panels for roof covering

Klaus Berner DOI: 10.1002/stab.200810046

Experimental analysis of the flexural properties of sandwich panels with cellular core materials

Fiedler, T.; Öchsner, A. Mat.-wiss. U. Werkstofftech. 2008, 39, No.2

Experimental procedure, modeling the distortional behavior of z purlins in sandwich panel roofs

Georgescu, M.; Ungureanu, V. EUROSTEEL 2008, 3.-5. September 2008, Graz, Austria

Pull-through resistance of fasteners for sandwich-panels

Thomas Misiek, Helmut Saal, Karsten Kathage, DOI: 10.1002/stab.200810048

Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Mechanical Behavior of Foam Core Supported Steel Sandwich Panels

Zha Xiao-xiong, Qin Pei-cheng, Yu Min The 5th International Symposium on Steel Structures, Seoul, Korea (2009)

Self bearing and racking sandwich panels – possibilities for small and middle sized buildings

Klaus Berner DOI: 10.1002/stab.200910042

Fixing of sandwich panels in building applications

Hassinen, P.; Misiek, Th. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Helsinki University of Technology, Versuchsanstalt für Stahl, Holz und Steine, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), NSCC2009

Curved sandwich panels

Klaus Berner DOI: 10.1002/ab.201001325

ECCS/CIB Joint Committee on Sandwich Constructions: Recent European Recommendations on Design and Testing

Davis, J.M. Hassinen, P. Heselius, L. Misiek, T.

Methods to Measure the Durability of Structural Sandwich Panels

Hassinen, P. Aalto University Department of Structural Engineering and Building Technology, Finland Pfeiffer, L. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG Profit Center Color/Construction, Germany

Thermal bridge atlas of the metal – sandwich construction

Kuhnhenne, M. 2010/03 IFBS e.V.

A Unified Approach for the Local Buckling Of Sandwich Panels and Trapezoidal Sheeting

Misiek, T. CIB 05/2010

Stabilisation of Beams by Sandwich Panels – New Regulations and Recent Research Results

Misiek, T. Käpplein, S. Dürr, M. Saal, H. CIB 05/2010

Reliable Composite Roofing: Learning From Experience

Roberts, K. CIB 05/2010

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